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RPI is operated under Laurelwood Academy Inc. as a 501 (c) (3). Contributions are tax-deductible as permitted by law. After placing your donation you will receive an immediate receipt by e-mail. This is only proof that your transaction was completed and cannot be used for tax purposes. To save the ministry time and money, unless otherwise requested, only year end tax receipts will be sent. For your privacy we keep all information confidential.

Thank you for prayerfully embracing the vision and mission of Revelation Publications International in taking life changing Bible studies to searching souls around the globe! Your partnership with us in making consistent tax deductible contributions WILL be instrumental in giving thousands of precious souls Bible studies who, at the cost of just pennies each, otherwise would not have received them.


Request Automated Billing If you prayerfully choose to become a consistent donor, place your first donation by one of the methods above. Then click on this link to give your name; permission for a reoccurring withdrawal; how much you want to contribute; the method of choice (debit or credit card; checking account withdrawal; or a PayPal account); and the day of the month you prefer the donation to be given. Do NOT put your credit card information in this e-mail. We will use the information entered when you made your first donation through the links above. You can also request the monthly report in this e-mail.

Request E-mail Reports Click and enter your name and say �please add me to your report list� if you would like to keep abreast of the results of your participation. The report provides information about how many people visited this site and the download page for Bible studies. It is spiritually energizing to see how your support by prayer and monthly donation makes a difference.

Ministry Information Brochure a printable PDF brochure giving details about the logistics of Revelation Publications International.

View 10 minute Ministry Interview This was an television interview at 3ABN just weeks after the initial implementation of the Google Adwords distribution. Since the time of this interview and with God blessing with dedicated donors like you, there has been several million visitors to this site and counting!

View 7 minute video of an ASI interview 2.5 years later

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Due to the way Google Adwords optimizes the cost per click on a world-wide scale, it is much more cost effective to have a consistent or growing budget. If due to inconsistent funds, we have to adjust the budget down or off, then raise it back up, the cost per download goes up for days or even weeks until the system reoptimizes. Helping to grow and keep the daily budget for Google consistent keeps the optimized cost per click much lower and therefore yours and other donors money will reach more people!


Electronic automation saves time and money by not writing and mailing checks!


Have peace of mind knowing you will not forget to send in your donation or that it could be lost in the mail.